Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse

565 Rt. 18 Burgettstown, Pa 15021 (724) 947-1900


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Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse FAQ


Q: Are camera's allowed at the Roadhouse?

Yes. Still Camera's are permitted but no video camera's


Q: Where is the Dinner Menu?

The dinner menu is located here.


Q: Where can I find the seating chart?

The seating chart is located here.


Q: How can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster here.


Q: Who do I contact if there is a problem with the webpage?

You can contact the webmaster for any questions or problems with the website only. The webmaster will not answer questions dealing with show information.


Q: Are people under the age of 21 allowed at Roadhouse Concerts?

Yes. Every Roadhouse show is set for all ages.

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